INNOVO Constructions: Original constructions perceived from afar, in order to convert passersby into regular customers of your store.
Our company undertakes the construction, renovation and decoration of dining stores and entertainment in order to be accessible and comfortable in the world 24 hours a day, depending on customer needs.

We make sure that restaurants, cafes, bars, bakeries, ice cream parlors can be perceived by the general public at large distance. Original ideas, innovative materials and construction are being combined with your personal style, with the help from our experienced and skilled staff, and with proper lighting highlights the store, which in the end is being projected uniquely.

All areas of a store are studied separately and their design are being tailored to its specifics. The construction process goes through three stages you can see here: implementation stages

In a renovation, the track that is visible to customers is the decor and furnishings. This is why we show special sensitivity and attention to this area. We manufacture unique furniture for every room and we decorate your store with special creations

Tavern renovation in Peristeri

According to modern trends, the most valuable tool in the hands of the entrepreneur is the store and the equipment, both functional and aesthetically, in order to achieve increased attraction of consumers. The pleasant environment and the high quality of a grill are the way to offset changes in the grill industry and the financial crisis.

Tavern construction in Pagkrati

The needs of the catering industry are constantly increasing, requiring entrepreneurs to adapt to the current market trends for their successful course and development. The architectural design and construction of the tavern in Pagkrati was completed by Innovo Constructions aiming at more effective communication with the customer, both visual and verbal, so as to attract the audience from the friendly atmosphere and the unique tasteful experiences, feeling satisfaction and pleasure.

Tavern decoration in Argyroupolis

Aesthetics, friendliness, functionality, ergonomics, organization are some of the meanings that the construction of the tavern in Argyroupoli represents. Direct service and customer care are perceived from the very first moment with the entry of the customers into the tavern.

Burger restaurant renovation at Ilion

The new space is designed to maximize efficiency due to comfort, organization, ergonomic solutions and aesthetics. It is clear that Innovo Constructions designs each restaurant for the entrepreneur himself, his employees and his clients.

Restaurant construction in Akadimias Street

A restaurant is known primarily for its quality, immediate service and hospitality. Consumers choose to dedicate time and money to enjoy their meal in a restaurant only if it meets its criteria. Thus, the objective of the entrepreneurs is to modernize the catering market according to market developments in order to attract an increasing number of consumers

Snack-café store renovation in Agios Dimitrios

The right and ergonomic design of the snack café combined with its unique identity is the basic tool for the shopkeeper to attract more customers. Innovo Constructions' staff is specialized in the renovation and construction of snack-cafes and is next to the entrepreneur and after the work is done for any needs that may arise.