Exhibition spaces

INNOVO Constructions: We combine the needs and style of our exhibitors, with our experience and expertise in such constructions and decorations!
Our company undertakes the construction, renovation and decoration of exhibition spaces, projecting art projects or products of each company and exhibition in an original manner.

The needs of our exhibitors and their personal style combined with our expertise in the constructions and proper lighting, help in creating a unique and welcoming environment for your prospective customers.

Our participation in all major exhibition events that have taken place in Greece , enable us to transform a booth at an attraction for visitors of an exhibition. Here you can see details of our presentations in the biggest events of recent years: Exhibitions

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Construction of the stand for 2008 Optics Exhibition

The evolution of technology and the new trends in fashion in the sector of optical stores make it necessary to inform the entrepreneur about the movements of the modern market. The Helmo Optics Exhibition organized at Helexpo has enjoyed great success and increased traffic from the industry.

Design of the stand for 2010 HORECA Exhibition

Horeca is considered the largest and most widely discussed exhibition that includes all developments and comprehensive proposals for hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. The pulse of the era is reflected in the original stands with the modernized products and the personalized services offered by each exhibitor.

Construction of the stand at 2014 Hellas Pharm Exhibition

Increased traffic and mass participation in 2014 Hellas Pharm Exhibition, which took place at the Helexpo exhibition center, surpassed every forecast. Numerous people sought information on key issues and advanced products to diversify their space and attract new customers.

Design of the stand in 2013 Hellas Pharm Exhibition

Pharmacists' great response to the Hellas Pharm 2013 exhibition reflects the rapid developments in the industry and the need to adjust the pharmacy to modern data. Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design, construction and renovation of a pharmacy, highlights the need for automation, modern facilities, and prototypical constructions using innovative materials in the future pharmacy.

Design of the stand in 2011 Hellas Pharm Exhibition

The large participation in Hellas Pharm 2011 demonstrates the great potential of the exhibition and the interest in the development of the pharmacists sector. Innovo Constructions wanting to contribute to the development of the pharmacy is present by offering ergonomic and attractive advice and solutions.

Construction of the stand for the Sixth Meeting of Pharmacists-Doctors in 2015

The sixth Meeting and Exhibition on "Entrepreneurship and Health Communication" was completed in February 2015 with great success and mass turnout. Innovo Constructions was present, reminding to all people in the health sector that attracting an increased customer base is directly linked to its hospitality, configuration and equipment.

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