Doctor’s office

INNOVO Constructions: takes on the construction, renovation and decoration of doctor’s office aiming at covering all the demands of our customer according to the specifications, the proper function and the personal style so that a perfect final result can be given. Our lasting many years experience, our specialized and productive staff constitute a warranty having the appropriate experience and Know-how for constructions with avant-garde materials, succeeding in this way a high level quality.

Renovation of General Surgery Practice

The General Surgical Doctor decided to upgrade the area by renovating his surgery. A decisive factor in this investment was the choice of Innovo Constructions as a partner to make his vision a reality. The company's experience and professionalism has been combined with the physician's modernization and functionality needs for a flawless outcome. After the space was imprinted, the new layout of the spaces was defined in two-dimensional designs. The final proposal was then presented by the company in drawings and photorealistic images so that the doctor could fully understand it and put any objections to it.

Construction of the diagnostic center in Kallithea

The Diagnostic Center in Kallithea, aware of its high sense of responsibility regarding the prevention and examination of individuals, addressed Innovo Constructions for its formulation. The quality and the aesthetics of the space determine the comfortable waiting of the visitors and their psychological support. The functionality ensures their most efficient service either by the secretary or by the doctors. 

The Renovation of the Dermatological Clinic in Athens

The design of the clinic is a multi-faceted process and, as requirements are continually increasing, the emergence of smart and functional practices and not only visually appealing are becoming increasingly important. The development of technology and the new technological achievements make it necessary to link it to the social role of the practice. The doctor must inspire the patient's sincere communication with him, since only this will allow the patient to present all the important information about his problem.

Eye Clinic in Vari

Medicine as a profession requires the doctor to have a high sense of responsibility, acceptance of his social role, selflessness, fairness of every case, patience and determination. The quality of the practice area determines the quality of life within it and sensitively approaches the patient and his / her problem. Prestige and discretion are attributes that give value to space and the services that are offered. Innovo Constructions creates unique architectural proposals for constructing or renovating the clinic through its human-centered approach, with emphasis on quality and detail.

Ophthalmology Clinic in Kifisia

Doctors often concentrate only on their scientific knowledge, considering that they are sufficient to attract patients and trust them. However, the patient judges overall his / her experience within the clinic once he / she crosses the entrance until he / she leaves the clinic. The friendly and calm atmosphere, the comfortable environment, the helpfulness and the man-centered approach of the doctor, the specialization and the efficiency of the scientist are factors that contribute to the physical and psychological state of the human being.

Medical Center in Halandri

The clinics in Halandri is a modern medical center with ophthalmologist, dermatologist and otolaryngologist specialties. The needs of each specialty are different and varied. The dermatologist needs a separate room of waiting and spaciousness of the examination room for the installation of a variety of medical devices, the ophthalmologist needs a regulated brightness of the room, and the otolaryngologist is searching for excellent sound insulation conditions in his examination room.