INNOVO Constructions: Functional constructions, innovative decor to satisfy the most discerning customer, through your style!
Our company undertakes the construction, renovation and decoration of butchers in order to cover all the requirements of your customer, depending on the specifications, the proper operation and personal style, in order to give a perfect final resul. Our experience and our expert efficient staff are our guarantee, which possess appropriate experience and expertise in constructions with innovate materials, thereby achieving a high level of quality.

All areas of a store are studied separately and their design are being tailored to its specifics. The construction process goes through three stages you can see here: implementation stages

In INNOVO, we combine the traditional with the modern, functionality with aesthetics. Moving in this direction, we recently constructed a butcher with stone and wood in Chassia. You can read, step-by- step, how we arrived at the result you see in the pictures: Original construction butcher

Butchers' renovation in Hassia

When we think of a butcher shop, the mind usually goes to the commodity rather than the place of sale. Yet, the butcher shop in Hassia makes the difference! Escaping from established standards, the entrepreneur chooses to highlight his merchandise thanks to the aesthetics and modernization of his store.