Pharmacy design

If you have in mind to design a pharmacy, you should think practical and functional. The pharmacy is an area that requires special decoration, because it deals with separate functions which they have to combine practicality with service. Above all the design pharmacy should service the professionalism and the needs of the customers, without leaving its modern style.

In pharmacy enter customers of all ages , young and old. On that score when planning a pharmacy, is necessary to consider the comfort and convenience of customers.

Pharmacists and their colleagues work mainly behind the counter and so it should exist a relatively comfortable space for their free movement. The pharmacy design should start from this point, so the customer knows a modern enterprise.

Ingredients of success

The furniture and the materials that will be used should refer to an area of health and that’s the reason that the use of intense dychromia is not recommended. When there’s dychromia, the white should dominate.

Regarding illumination, it should be intense enough to help the staff and the customers, elder or not. Generally, applications in lighting should be photorealistic.

The design of furniture can be stylish aesthetically and practically. There are many choices in style and design that you can embed. And in this field the functionality and high level design should dominate. Also, the existence of a waiting area for the elderly or small children will surely add to your pharmacy a friendly profile.

The requirements

The module for the shop window of your pharmacy, like any shop, requires attention and the appropriate attention should be given . It is the point of a pharmacy that attracts the customers and, as we know, even in businesses such as pharmacies, the design and practicality must keep up with the service of customers. The participation of a decorator in the placement of the products, which probably want to promote, beyond conventional medicines, is considered essential to achieve an effective design of the pharmacy.

In order to have a practical integrated area , you should be able to service your customers in any way, so all of their needs to be covered. It’s a fact that the last years most pharmacists renovate their stores because of the increased competition in this business area. Every bussinesman tries to recreate his store depending on the needs of the customers and the cost nowadays is lower than the past years. Having a pharmacy design you’ll realise that your business will advantage from the first moment.


The pharmacy design should be done by engineers , designers and people who specialize in this field, in order to have the best results in your business . Do not forget, before any move to consult your mechanic and plan every detail together.

In Innovo Constructions our main concern is to understand the needs of the store and staff. The design is the basis, on which is going to build the whole project of construction or reconstruction We have learned to anticipate all the details that will make your shop stand out internally and externally.

We have learned to improve the performance of a workplace with our interventions.

We learned to design pharmacies in order to offer customers exactly what they expect.

Thanks to our long experience and excellent staff training, we are on top in the designing and decoration of pharmacies in our country.

You can see the process we follow in designing of any pharmacy here.

In the section “Projects – Pharmacies” will find a wealth of photographic material of integrated projects of our company.