Pharmacy Construction in Afidnes

How can a pharmacy be transformed into a trademark of the area? The architecture of the façade is what the passer perceives and what remains indelible in his memory. The pharmacist in Afidnes, wishing to make his presence felt in the market, chooses to build his pharmacy in a different place with curves and recesses.

Innovo Constructions, having acquired specialization in the design and the construction of a pharmacy after many years of experience and technical training, chooses to emphasize the diversity of the space by introducing the pharmacy dynamically to the competition. The curvature of the façade is emphasized by inscription and lighting, allowing the audience to see the interior from different viewing angles. The original window showcases slowly pull their eyes from the architectural part of the façade to the drug store and the products.

The passerby traversing the entrance door enters a space of high aesthetics and functionality. Organization, class and special markings allow the person’s direct orientation avoiding confusion. The commerciality of the site is aimed at increased sales with spontaneous purchases. Therefore, the pharmacist increases his clientele and the customer is always happy.

The decoration of the pharmacy is in neutral colors, aiming at better visibility of the colorful sales packaging. Hidden illumination around the windows emphases even more on products by pulling the eye directly over them. The combination of colors – gray and white – with the illumination of the pharmacy gives a refined note of minimalistic aesthetics.

In general, the atmosphere exudes an air of positivity, friendliness and optimism. The care of the professional for the psychological and physical condition of the public is reflected in the design and functionality of the space. Innovo Constructions, filtering the needs of the pharmacist, completed the construction of the pharmacy in Afidnes, satisfying the requirements and expectations of even the most demanding client-patient.

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