Pharmacy Chest of Drawers of tecnyfarma

The lightest and most durable aluminum chest of drawers, with adaptable design and additional spaces. The first brand in the market!

The easy finding of drugs, the avoidance of any additional element for replacing the drugs, the projected spaces for special products, such as homeopathic remedies, chemicals or very large products and generally the ability we provide to you to have all the drugs available in any time and under control, meet all the requirements of each back-office, whether it is a pharmacy, a hospital or a medical laboratory.

For the integration of all of those requirements in the produced products, Tecny-Farma worked for over 25 years to gain the national and international reputation that today has. Our storage system, with the TF 42, TF 56 and TF 75 models, was developed in parallel with the needs of pharmacists. Nowadays, it is considered a successful product, thanks to its adaptable design of columns and drawers and because of the complete use of the available space. These elements make our storage system the most efficient and reliable in quality level across all the market.

The pharmacy chest of drawers of Tecnyfarma® and the advantages:

Why choosing the chests of our company?

Because you can enjoy total flexibility as they adapt to the available space, behind the payment counter. For this reason, Tecny-Farma offers you many different options of chests of drawers to meet all your needs. In the current period, three models are available. These are the TF 42 (two rows), TF 56 (three rows) and TF 75 (four rows) with the option of depth selection, depending on the available space.

Because this storage system has a very flexible design. The autonomous and independent structure allows for future enhancement or modification, always depending on the needs each time. This alteration may involve the layout, the number of the drawers of each column or the number of drugs that are stored in each drawer (it can be changed thanks to special internal partitions made ​​of polycarbonate). Because we provide the lightest and most durable product in the market.

Its construction – that is carried out entirely by the team of Tecny-Farma – the quality controls and our experience in this domain, are conclusive evidence of our professionalism and of an in-depth knowledge of the pharmacists’ needs, even to the smallest detail.

Because Tecny-Farma guarantees the 100% utilization of the available interior space and finding ergonomic solutions for external patterns, avoiding annoying elements of space, such as columns, stairs or any other irregularity of the facilities.

For more details see here: Because, thanks to this system, the pharmacist can devote more time to customers’ service. By ensuring that all medicines are stored in the right way according to the category they belong (homeopathic remedies, chemicals, large size, etc.), the time needed to find each product decreases significantly.

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Pharmacy Chest of Drawers FarmaBox 42

Pharmacy Chest of Drawers FarmaBox 56

Pharmacy Chest of Drawers FarmaBox 75

Pharmacy Chest of Drawers FarmaBox 80

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