Pharmacy Architectural Design in Ioannina

What factors influence the design and the construction of a pharmacy in a city such as Ioannina? The exact location of the property, the habits of the consumers, the existing competition of the region are the main elements leading to the creation of a realistic solution worthy of application.
At present, technology development allows remote architectural designs and their presentation through computers. Innovo Constructions, after thorough research and inventory of the needs of the pharmacist, proceeds with the imaginative and decisive design of the original pharmacy. Difference appears from the beginning from the facade of the pharmacy. The thoughtful and elegant showcase is in stark contrast to the obsolete facades of old pharmacies.

The passer by, enters an upgraded store where the warm and friendly atmosphere creates the right conditions for his lasting stay in it and his thorough research on the products. The customer service counter is at a central point indicating the pharmacist’s readiness to provide his services whenever necessary. During the design, the social role of the pharmacy has been taken seriously, as it is in such a city that it will determine its long-term relationships with customers.

The optimization of the environment within the pharmacy is determined by lighting. The general uniform mild illumination creates visual comfort and allows sharpness of forms and markings. In contrast, the more intense focused lighting in the interior of the showcases helps to highlight the products in the foreground.

Briefly, the proposal design of the pharmacy in Ioannina combines aesthetics with functionality in the construction of a commercial store of anthropocentric character. Innovo Constructions, as it is at the heart of developments in the construction and renovation of the pharmacy, creates attractive and pleasant spaces, giving value to the pharmacist’s investment.

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