Pharmacy Architectural Design / Decoration in Salamina

The organization and functionality of the pharmacy stems from the needs of the pharmacist himself, which direct the course of the design conducted by the specialist for the renovation or the construction of the store.

By analyzing the area and the purchasing habits of consumers at each pharmacy location, the designer delivers data that affect the aesthetics and layout of the space so that the new store is as cost-effective as possible.

Innovo Constructions has completed the design for the renovation of the pharmacy in Salamina, aiming at increasing the turnover of the pharmacist’s work by adopting merchandising techniques to better promote the products. From the first meetings there was a close collaboration between the designers and the scientist to define the more favorable organization of the furniture and the different areas it wants to highlight by distinguishing itself from the general set of existing pharmacies in the area.

The promotion of the category of offers is made in a special through-the-window showcase central to the sales area. Therefore, it is visible from wherever the customer is inside or outside of the store. Its proximity to the bench – reception desk favors spontaneous purchases while waiting for the consumer to be served.

The illumination design shapes the right environment by influencing both the patient’s and the consumer’s psychology. The general lighting of the room is bland and uniform to enhance the visual comfort of the incoming. The emphasis on the edge points and products is given with perimeter and concealed lighting creating the necessary eye-catching contrast to the products.

The final design is based on an assessment of the needs of each category in a number of furniture and displays. In this way, Innovo Constructions, having the appropriate experience and technical training in pharmacy renovation, completes its original design solutions, covering all the expectations of both the pharmacist and the customer.

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