Pharmacy Architectural Design & Decoration in Neo Iraklio

The power of nature and its benefits is the new counselor of care, health, beauty and well-being for the modern man. The deliberate removal from the widespread drug industries and the return to the physical properties of the substances are the hallmark of the new identity of the pharmacy in Neo Iraklion, Attica.

The whiteness of the forms gives a sophisticated style and professionalism to the new space. At the same time, it is the ideal backdrop for the creation of intense contrasts. The colorful packaging of the products is distinguished at first sight in the white background. The new style of the pharmacy is imprinted on the surfaces, the walls, the glass windows with colorful decorative elements and graphic design.

The expanded area for the construction of the pharmacy is the ideal space for the promotion of the large volume of merchandise available to the pharmacist. The role of the pharmacy is removed from the mere execution of a prescription. New streamlined services, consultation discussions, product-sampling come in specially designed areas of the site to stimulate the audience’s interest. The ergonomic countertop located near the entrance allows immediate service to the consumer who does not need to use the reception desk. Thus, the customer gains time and mental satisfaction.
An important parameter in shaping the final idea is the application of merchandising techniques. Ensuring smooth traffic to the store allows the consumer orientation and enhanced self-service. Categorization of products, the application of spontaneous marketing techniques, markings, lighting are factors that increase the business’s commerciality.

The new proposal for the pharmacy consists of unique elements and original compositions that -with the appropriate lighting- create a pleasant, warm and convincing environment for shopping. Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design, construction and renovation of a pharmacy, is a guarantee for a perfect result in a short period giving value to the pharmacist’s investment.

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