Pharmacy Architectural Design & Decoration in Kesariani

What is the secret in the success of a pharmacy? The nature of the pharmacist, combined with organization, aesthetics and merchandising techniques, are the key features for increasing sales and pharmacy awareness.

The pharmacist in Kesariani envisioning a modern workplace addressed Innovo Constructions for the architectural design to determine the construction of his pharmacy. When conceiving the idea and designing, special emphasis was placed on identifying and communicating, both on the inside and on the facade.

The original showcase impresses passers-by with its unique style. The first sight of the pharmacy with the buying public leaves a clear picture in his memory. The interest of the prospective client is attracted to pass the entrance door and enter the drugstore.
In the interior, the warm and pleasant atmosphere welcomes the consumer. Wood coverings are combined perfectly with gray, neutral surfaces for a harmonious result. The white glossy floor gives the feeling of absolute cleanliness to the pharmacy that was primarily considered as a health care area. The columns of drawers are hidden and shelves for spontaneous purchases are now placed behind the reception. Classification of products around the shelf and hooks allows customer self-service by giving the pharmacist time to deal with other issues.

The refinement of the proposal comes with the lighting design. Due to the large height of the sales area, particular attention is paid to the uniform distribution of general lighting to ensure comfort conditions at all times of the day.

The architectural design of the pharmacy in Kesariani ensured the application of modern commercial methods in the pharmacy area. Innovo Constructions, having high training and long-term experience in the design, construction and renovation of a pharmacy, proposes unique solutions tailored to the individual pharmacist. This ensures the uniqueness of each proposal.

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