Pharmacy Architectural Design & Decoration in Chalandri

The pharmacy’s communication with the customer begins with its facades, according to the architectural design of the pharmacy in Chalandri. The architecture and decoration of the building leads the consumer’s eye to the pharmacy, using colors and textures, creating contrasts and harmony.

The harmonization with the environment as well as its diversity in a logical context attracts the consumer’s attention from a long distance.

The most important thing is the simplicity and ease of maintenance of the window showcases. For this reason, we preselected the points for the advertising messages from the stage of the design. This allows continuous refreshment of the showcase, attracting the interest of the passers-by. Disorderly-glued posters in the windows, faded or half-shaded, would degrade the space and quality of pharmacy services in the eyes of the buying audience. Austerity of the showcase allows customers to easily identify the messages and what types of products are being promoted.

Inside, commerciality combined with functionality and aesthetics for a balanced outcome. Innovo Constructions uses all its weapons such as materials, lighting, textures, flow study of customers’ movements, modern technological achievements so that the new space acquires a representative identity in line with the new role of the pharmacy in the market. The consistency of aesthetics on the ground floor and the first floor show the consistency of the figures and create a single image in the mind of the customer.

The pharmacy of the future is not limited to a prescription. It clearly shows the image of well-being and beauty in all phases of human life. The bench-table often does not ensure the confidentiality required by circumstances. For better and faster customer service, individual counseling and diagnostic benches are beneficial to the ergonomics of the store.

Innovo Constructions’ many years of experience in pharmacy architectural design and renovation, continual training of human resources and consistent monitoring of new market trends enable it to respond successfully to the needs of the pharmacists sector with view to the future.

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