Pharmacy Architectural Design and Decoration in Zografou

Training and reviewing new data on the effective integration of the pharmacist into ever-increasing competition is the way to offset changes in the profession and the economic crisis. However, according to modern trends, the most valuable tool in the scientist’s hands to provide comprehensive advice and products of health, beauty and well-being, apart from its scientific training, is its area, the pharmacy.

The pharmacist in Zografou, aware of the modern needs, addressed Innovo Constructions to design his pharmacy and make his vision a reality. The ultimate goal is effective communication with the customer, visual and verbal, so that each consumer feels unique and satisfied with his experience in the pharmacy.

The first contact level of the pharmacy with the pass is through its facade. Its unique character is reflected in the link between interior and exterior, private and public space. The showcase with its original designs and bright colors attracts the eye, causing the person to enter the store. The stylish, carefully crafted, high quality materials of the inscription cross and construction give value to space and the services it offers.

In the interior, the drug store is designed in simple and simple lines, beautiful cuts and pale colors. The minimal decoration in conjunction with the right lighting creates an inviting and serene environment that removes stress and negativity. The warm atmosphere positively predisposes the customer to spend as much time as possible to discuss, research, compare and choose the product that interests them.

The detailed design for the manufacture of the pharmacy contributes to its future development and its emergence in a scientific and business unit. Innovo Constructions is the ideal partner for the design, construction and renovation of a pharmacy so that the result is attractive and functional with a commercial character.

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