Tips To Perfect Your Pharmacy Design

Pharmacy design is as crucial as the inventory. What you have to offer is correlated with how you offer it. Presenting your inventory in a manner that makes shopping convenient, enticing customers with a pleasant exterior design and a neat interior that is planned well to drive sales are the key factors that determine the fate of a pharmacy.

Here are some tips to perfect your pharmacy design.

  • Begin with the exteriors. How does your pharmacy look from outside, from the viewpoint of passersby and from across the street as well as from a distance? Is there proper signage outside, do the colors appeal, are the signs and logos properly lit and is there some unique element that makes the signage stand out from the other stores or establishments nearby? A nice large signage with the logo and name of the pharmacy along with any taglines which express the philosophy are imperative.
  • Check your displays, those that are visible from outside. The displays are often what drive people to come in. Those who have an urgent need for some products would anyway walk in and if there isn’t another pharmacy in the vicinity then you do have the luxury of being the only choice but for those who have choices or don’t have any urgency, you would have to give them reasons to walk in. Showcase some of the bestselling products and make the most of visual merchandising. Don’t clog the displays as that would confuse passersby. Keep the displays simple, uncluttered and keep the focus of the lights on some key products.
  • Now check the aisles and the layout of the entire store. The layout and product placement are the two most important aspects of pharmacy design. It is easy to organize the products that sell the most or are the most needed because you would have them placed right at the front so people can easily pick them. No one would want to explore the whole store to find something that they need every day or every week. It is placing the rest of the inventory, which is the larger part that becomes a challenge. You should have your products categorized according to their relevance. Keep similar products at one place and if some products can be clubbed then have them placed together. For instance, all vitamins can be placed on one shelf while all skin care products can be clubbed together, regardless of their brand or specific purpose
  • An elegant pharmacy design is one that’s simple, spacious, convenient to browse, well lit and logical.