Is The Grand Designs 3D Renovation & Interiors Software Any Good?

This is the era of DIY enthusiasts. While doing it yourself has plenty of advantages, savings being just one of the wonderful rewards, there are many challenges as well. Any DIY project is confined to the skills of the enthusiast and the resources one has. When it comes to home renovations or office interiors, the entire exercise can be quite challenging. Having some professional help is always deemed necessary. Fortunately, Grand Designs 3D Renovation & Interiors attempts to offer the much needed technical finesse.

The television show, Grand Designs, doesn’t need an introduction and its software, the 3D Renovation & Interiors is an extension of the show. Designs and plans that have already featured on the show are now available in a customizable format in 3D through the software. The software is essentially a variant of the more elaborate and high end CAD software that professional architects use. The Grand Designs software can be used on almost any computer that has 1GB Ram and a DVD-ROM drive. There are three versions of the software published by Eleco Visualisation Software. The Self Build & Development version is retailing at £200, Kitchen & Bathroom version is retailing at £25 and the 3D Renovation & Interior version is available at £50

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of the Grand Designs 3D Renovation & Interiors software to know if it is a good buy.

  • Pros – The software allows 2D and 3D modeling of properties and allows the user to make changes to every structure in the property. One can come up with unique designs or use the numerous templates available within the software. There are window designs, preset plans, roof designs, internal layouts and the luxury to alter any part of a property’s interiors. The walk-through feature of the software is very handy and it is easy to use. The quality of the images or graphics is quite impressive. The entire software is quite easy to use with very little clutter or nonsense. There are 1300 textures and 4800 objects other than the innumerable design templates, all of which can be managed at macro levels and can be customized as well.

  • Cons – The software may be a tad weird to use for some people at the onset. Those who have never used CAD programs before will have to read the manual and try their hands to get accustomed with all the features and settings. The only shortcoming is that the software is considerably inferior to more expensive software like Arcon 3D Architect or AutoCAD.

The bottom line is: Grand Designs 3D Renovation & Interiors is a worthwhile purchase given its price and the overall experience of using it.