How to design a bar with the right equipment

Whether you are embarking on opening your first bar, or are expanding your current chain then it is crucial you realise the importance of good catering and bar equipment can’t be stressed strongly enough.

A successful business, whether its a hotel, restaurant, pub, bar or cocktail lounge is dependent on a number of things. Well-trained staff and good service are essential for any bar or restaurant but neither can be achieved if the right equipment isn’t purchased in the first place.

The catering and entertainment industry is one of the hardest to get a business off the ground in and many good restaurants and bars fail in the first few months,mainly down to bad planning and the wrong equipment. The wrong bar equipment can soon cause havoc as orders build up in the kitchen because there are not enough kitchen equipment or the waitresses are scrabbling around looking for cutlery.

It is crucial in setting up any bar, to sit down and go through a check list of all the bar equipment you require. Start from the basics, such as the cooker. How big do you need it where will it fit etc etc. And make sure you speak to the staff who will be using it. Is it the right equipment for the task in hand, ask their opinion.

Finding a decent supplier is perhaps the next hurdle in setting up a bar or restaurant. The internet is of course a handy tool for finding a supplier of hotel and bar equipment but make sure they have a detailed a website with pictures of the products so you can see clearly if it is the correct equipment or not.

A good bar equipment supplier will also show prices which clearly state VAT. This can be crucial in totting up the total cost of equipping your bar, restaurant or hotel. Failing ot account for hidden costs can see costs become crippling.

Setting up a bar for the first time, or refurbishing and existing one, can be a daunting task. There is so much to think about that often mistakes can be made which can end up being costly in the long run.

This is often the case when people order bar accessories, often the items are ordered unnecessarily this can waste money; also the wrong type of bar equipment is often bought – again, resulting in a loss of investment.

But if you want all this to be done properly, they must first be designed properly and after precise mapping of these plans, to have the expected final result of the work . For this reason, you should consult experts who undertake such projects from A to Z, design and construction of the project, until its completion . It will be better not to involve different teams (another for hydraulic, electro else, another for decorating etc ) because usually there is no agreement and consistency in execution.

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