House Renovation

The first step for improving a person’s life is to change his house or even better to transform it with a house renovation.

Home is a place of warmth, creativity, meetings, plus it is the space that evolves with us, as we grow older… The house shelters the daily routine, dreams, happiness and personal moments that make up a person’s life. However, it is known that, nowadays, with the new economic situation, buying a new house is a difficult case. For this reason the majority of Greek people take refuge at the outlet of the renovation.


  • Renovation, from a manufacturer’s scope is not far from a new house. In many cases, the work done is indeed much better.
  • The cost of the renovation is significantly lower than the cost of a buy.
  • In the process of renovation, the monitoring of the work process and materials used is possible, while in the case of buying, there is usually a difficulty in recognizing them.
  • It is not necessary to change the furniture. It is possible to adapt them in the renovated space.
  • The final result fully meets the needs and characteristics of the residents, who don’t have to lose anything from the past (daily habits, neighbors, etc.). The adjustment is immediate, whereas in the case of a new home some things need to change.

Renovation through INNOVO’s perspective

Home renovation requires special attention so that the ergonomic goal keeps up with an aesthetically beautiful result. Source of inspiration for the design is the lifestyle of its residents, their preferences, their hobbies and their personalities. Each house is a unique study, adapted to the age and characteristics of each person’s character.

Colors, shapes and materials are transforming in the space, under the proper lighting. The atmosphere expresses the residents and it can be changed just as their moods change. The intensity of light combined with the color intensity can emotionally charge or discharge humans.

Moreover, ergonomics and functionality are very important parameters. Adequate storage spaces, modern modular furniture, a spacious kitchen and large closets facilitate the everyday life and allow both a relaxing stay and an excellent use of all the acreage of the house.

The advancement of technology is an integral part of human evolution. Therefore, it couldn’t be missed out from a renovated house. The embedded sound systems and screens, the control of the sound, of lighting, of cooling, of heating and the security systems are serving the residents and their needs. The remote control or the small screens become helpers in the residents’ daily life.

The energy upgrade is a priority for our company, as it helps saving money and promotes life quality. Due to energy saving, the energy requirements of the building are reduced and at the same time, the emissions of carbon dioxide are reduced. In this way, we achieve the adaptation of the building to the environment and that of the environment to the building.

From theory to action

The procedure we follow to reach the completion of the project starts from the registration of any existing dysfunctions and the understanding of the needs that the renovated house needs to serve. This takes place during the initial meetings, where our company’s representatives also record the style you want to give to your home.

After relative studies, a plan is set, on which the work will continue and that it will provide even the slightest details: Electricals, plumbing, joinery, flooring, lighting, etc.

After consultation and after the last corrections are done, the work passes into the hands of our technicians who undertake its completion with precision. We pay attention particularly to the absolute adherence to the design and to the consistency in delivery time.

We create “welcoming” homes that inspire, helping the personal and professional development. It is a fact that particularly someone’s personal space and his home generally, reflect the personality and influence the psychology of the resident.

Innovo Constructions combines all the factors during the renovation of the house, achieving the best possible qualitative and aesthetic result in a short time.