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Welcome to the website of INNOVO Constructions, a technical company with a leading presence in the pharmacy equipment – construction, Business Premises Renovation -construction and store equipment.

The main concern is to provide integrated solutions with speed, reliability and spesialization at what we do.

The experience of the competent and efficient staff guarantee a perfect result.

The high quality and aesthetics combined with your personal needs and desires, upgrade the surroundings of work or residence.

Specialization in the professional field


We create business spaces that gain the impression of appearance, ergonomics and quality by undertaking their construction or renovation. The optimal use of space and attention to detail will make your store stand out from comparable competitive venues.


The choice of shop equipment may be part of a renovation or can be acquired independently. In our catalogs you can find a wide range of ready-made designs or draw products for you only. Whatever equipment you choose is necessary to be consistent with the identity and organization of your space.


The integrated study by Innovo Constructions is the key to success for a successful construction of a space (whether professional or residential). The correct and complete study of each technical project is necessary for the accuracy, speed and quality of its implementation.



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Τ. 0030 210 9717925
F. 0030 210 9717926

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