Inox Equipment

INOX equipment guaranteed by Innovo. Our experience in the field of professional equipment makes us a leading force in the supply of stores with modern machines, perfectly designed and fully functional.

The professional equipment of each store is designed separately, as it must combine:
the proper management and organization of the available space
the high standards of machinery, furniture and all equipment,
the low energy consumption of professional refrigerators,
the functionality of the space,
the smart projection of the products in the windows and at the same time their safe storage,
to facilitate the employees’ work and increase their efficiency, and
the excellent customer service of the store.
The professional equipment consists of product showcases, professional refrigerators, benches and storage areas, the harmonious coexistence of which highlights the store and serves the staff and the customers. The ergonomics of inox play a catalytic role in both professional refrigerators and product showcases. Innovo Constructions undertakes to design and manufacture Inox professional equipment for stores such as:

Cafes and bars
Catering venues such as restaurants, pubs and taverns
Confectioneries and confectionery laboratories
Butchers and all kinds of meat production facilities
Fish and seafood processing facilities
Every kind of food and beverage store
Hotel and factory preparation rooms.
For Innovo, the professional equipment is the guarantee for the flawless operation of a store and is treated as the predominant element in the design of a store. It is adjusted according to the needs of the store and the requirements of the entrepreneur. Modern lines improve the aesthetics of the space and their taste attract customers. We have equipped more than 200 stores with PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT OF OUR CONSTRUCTION. So do not hesitate to contact us to design the equipment of your own store together.

Professional Equipment for Cafe – Bars

Professional equipment for Fish stores

Professional butcher’s equipment

Professional catering equipment

Professional confectionery equipment



More in detail for professional equipment:

Many storeowners are very confused when it comes to choosing the professional equipment for their store. In addition to aesthetics and price, other important parameters are usually ignored or given little importance. Again, it is a matter of defining priorities and looking for as many advantages as possible.
Professional store equipment is based on its structure to handle future loads, both static and dynamic. This aspect should be taken into account by imagining the worst-case scenario and working according to it. It is not just a matter of calculating which objects or products will produce vertical loads, but also possible side effects that may cause instability.
Well-built professional store equipment is based on a small amount of material to achieve its structural strength, stability and durability. Using materials according to their physical properties leads to a poorer economy and ultimately a lower price. Nevertheless, at some point, achieving a lower price and far beyond the minimum safety margin requires a compromise. Generally, preferring a little more to the safe side should always be the alternative you choose when you are not completely sure of the loads you are about to place. Translated into the language of professional store equipment, this means using thicker and denser building blocks.
The types of surfaces used for professional store equipment are very important, as surfaces are the first to feel the wear of time. All finishes eventually lose their properties, though some do so slower and with less impact on the value of professional equipment. Consider the fact that you will use professional equipment for more than a couple of years, so make sure to avoid disappointment in the long run. Surface sensitivity can be seen in high temperatures, certain substances, or in contact with tougher objects. Several maintenance can improve the lifespan of professional equipment by addressing sensitivities before you locate them. Store equipment often needs permanent maintenance to preserve its properties for longer. Cleaning and continuous check can detect vulnerabilities in certain products that are stored, so there is a need to test the compatibility between professional equipment and the products to be stored.
The looks should be a secondary factor in deciding which the best professional equipment for your store is. As professional equipment is often kept behind closed doors and outside the public eye, there is no need to comply with the rules of dimension, color and overall aesthetics. Nonetheless, if professional equipment matches the overall design of your store, you can achieve a more consistent interior design that can bring extra value.
Developing your business identity is often a long process that requires one – two steps back and forth. Store owners who imagine that having a logo and matching colors is enough to create an identity, unfortunately are wrong. The identity of a store often requires validation by its customers and years to achieve maturity. Yes, professional equipment can be part of the shop image strategy, but it is often just a secondary addition to the mainstream marketing strategy.
Functionality is an important part of professional equipment, as it will make it easier for the staff to use it. Modern professional equipment is now able to incorporate the many innovative features that were previously unavailable. The equipment will never introduce fundamental changes, so do not expect to see something revolutionary in directories and brochures.
Whatever your choice of the new professional equipment of your store is, if you have invested enough time and attention, you will definitely get a decision that can satisfy you both in the long run and in the short term. Focusing beyond the looks will definitely help you make a more accurate forecast and invest the money in something that will retain its value. Your store will definitely experience a change for the better if you decide to add new professional equipment to the furniture collection.