W Lumi Circle


Circular window display with multiple manufacturability such as back or perforated. The perforated form enables absolute visibility through the transparent crystal shelves, while in the case of the back it has the option that one side a monitor which features on call service hourscan be placed or just to get projection shelves.

In any case the circular frame is illuminated inside with aluminum profile that includes Led strip RGB

Code 5027UKW Lumi Circle A Shelving System Dimensions:170Χ50ΧΗ270
Code 5027UKW Lumi Circle B Shelving System Dimensions:170Χ50ΧΗ270

It can be made in any desired dimentions, color or wood veneer yield with all or portions of the following color collection .
You can contact us to create any furniture you wish, according to your color needs in any measurements would fit your store.

You can find it in a variety of colors.