Dental office renovation

Dental office renovation

The dental office is a special place, as most clinics are. Modern constructions ensure that combine functional and simultaneously friendly areas to customers – patients. The major issue remains to ensure the smooth operation of the dental work, through an environment that induces inspiration and good mood for everyone present, doctors, staff and patients.

Key pillars of design

The renovation of a dental office nowadays is based on the probable needs of the doctor, which may be:

  • reception
  • examination room
  • surgical room
  • specialist pediatric room
  • office
  • the need for infrastructure integration for the use of modern medical equipment , machinery and storage areas
  • and finally, the need to create a very friendly atmosphere, which helps to eliminate stress, which a large percentage of patients feels, when they are in a clinic.

The design of the examination room and surgical room, is performed taking into consideration all the hygiene and safety standards required, the proper lighting and the integration of machines in space, in such a way as to promote the smooth operation of the clinic.

The doctor’s office is designed on the basis of his personal style. The infrastructure for electronic equipment and storage areas designed according to the needs. The office reflects the personality of the doctor, so a particular emphasis is given on its decoration.

The reception area of the clinic tends to be the most important factor that affects the patient in his decision to visit the same dentist again, or to propose him to someone else. It is also the place where the patient has the need to feel safe and comfortable, before contact with the doctor. Marketing marries aesthetics and spaces really special are created, which impress and give the impression of modern and luxurious. Patients perceive the aesthetics and appearance of the dental clinic as a reflection of a doctor.

Common mistakes in designing dental office

Particularly in old clinics is very common for someone to see various devices on makeshift benches , computers cables spread in space and a general messiness in the area , due to inadequate electrical infrastructure .

The office space does not permit a private conversation because communicating with the reception, and talks are being perceived by all present in the clinic .

The space is inadequate sterilized and particularly vulnerable to infections . The storage area of the clinic may also be inadequate.

There is no possibility of extension or renewal of existing types of medical equipment , due to poor ergonomics of examination and surgery spaces.

Modern dental office and Innovo Constructions

The willingness for work and provision of good medical care on the part of the doctor and the creation of positive mood of visitors to the clinic is the basis, on which we design and build the clinic.

The experience and our expertise allows us to create clinics ” ornaments “, which perfectly cover all the current functional needs, as well as have been predicted future needs extension and upgrading of premises.

We create spaces that cause the admiration of visitors, and that enhance the possibility of establishing friendly relations between the medical staff and customers.

The job of a good dentist is distinguished in the details. The same happens in constructions. The Innovo Constructions with qualified and well – trained in all specialties – staff creates premises, which are distinguished for their functionality and aesthetic perception and respond to the most demanding customers.

All spaces of a clinic are studied separately, and their design is tailored to specific needs. In this video you can see illustrative examples of our work.

An important part of the renovation of a clinic is the decoration and the furniture which dress the space. In INNOVO we decorate spaces with original creations, made exclusively for you and your dental clinic. With your own style and for your own needs.