Which is INNOVO Constructions


The company was founded in 1985. Its main purpose is the design and construction of residential and commercial properties.

Human potential

The company is composed of a group of engineers, architects, decorators and craftsmen, and is structured in 3 parts : Design, Planning and Construction. Harmonious cooperation of all sectors is essential for the completion of a project.


With over 15 years of activity in the construction sector, has done substantial work, with about 300 construction of commercial properties: totaled over 190.000t.m.
The INNOVO takes over store equipment. Has equipped more than 200 stores with original furniture of its own manufacture. The company is the exclusive agent of TecnyFarma in Greece and Cyprus, the biggest name in farmacies equipment.

Αim – Vision

We want to create functional and convenient spaces for professionals and simultaneously accessible, comfortable and pleasant for visitors.


Creativity and responsibility are our core principles and have helped us to create a reputable name in the field of construction.


Combining engineering, architecture and human needs, we create vivid spaces enjoyed by all.


Our experience and highly trained staff allows us to undertake projects of particular difficulty and composition.