Coffee shop & coffe bar equipment

The equipment of a cafe or coffee bar is a quite difficult job but also a great challenge for everyone involved , since the range for this equipment is huge and the choice can be based both on the functionality (which is required desired) as in aesthetics and personal style of every entrepreneur.

The cafe or coffee bar attracts daily crowds, who visited to enjoy a drink, relax (and perhaps making a break from work), be found with acquaintances, chatting and spent much of his free time in the store.

A cafeteria (or canteen) can exist in many places (such as public transport stations, hospitals, etc.). So the equipment is addressed in a crowd with different needs. The desired again is the same. The comfort, sensory perception and functionality are the criteria for a successful business in this space.

The equipment of these shops, cafe or coffee bar, consists of furnishing and decoration to the last detail, such as a glass or coasters. The whole process consists of the following phases:

  • design
  • construction
  • equipment
  • decoration

So anyone can understand the extent of work to be done properly, so that the result is perfect.

Originally the kitchen, the heart of these shops functionality is very important for proper operation. Benches functional, properly installed , refrigerators and washing machines in the correct position, also dishes and glasses, ice cream machines, granita machines pagotrimmatos conservators wines, ice storage, display maintenance, all these should be in the correct position, properly registered, to facilitate staff work in the shop.

The lounge , which is the place where hosting customers should be comfortable, not heavily furnished with durable furniture , tables and chairs , but also lightweight as many times seen moving primarily to serve large groups. There is a great variety of such furniture that combine aesthetic perception with comfort and functionality.

Lighting , one of the main features of all the stores that depending on the intensity and tones creates the appropriate atmosphere desired. Concealed lighting properly placed in columns, behind tables and even the furniture in the bar, brings in a special way the style of the store.

The audiovisual system, is also a very important piece of equipment in the shop. Properly placed screens with captivating images that captivate the eye and “traveling” conscious customers. Also well placed speakers to locations not annoy customers, with gentle or more intense music, depending on the type and style of business, give auditory stimuli and entertain their customers.

As regards the decoration of these stores the possibilities are very large and its realization is a big challenge for designers. Colors, fabrics, lighting, small make up and attach to each store his personal style. All tied together aesthetically that there is harmony and modern aesthetics.

As we understand then to be harmony in equipment and decorating a cafe or a coffee bar, you need to reach out to specialists. Specialists who undertake this difficult task of vision and your own design, to implementation.

The Innovo Constructions undertakes the construction, renovation and equipment commercial properties . With its highly trained and experienced personnel, consisting of scholars, designers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects – designers, etc., undertakes to transform the architectural design into reality.

The result is always attributed a function of the expectations and demands of the modern professional, tailored to the individual space provided for construction.

The compliance schedule and making ornaments stores, makes Innovo Constructions market leader of construction, renovation and equipment commercial properties.