Welcome to the website of INNOVO Constructions, a technical company with a leading presence in the pharmacy equipment – construction, Business Premises Renovation -construction and store equipment.

The main concern is to provide integrated solutions with speed, reliability and spesialization at what we do. The experience of the competent and efficient staff guarantee a perfect result. The high quality and aesthetics combined with your personal needs and desires, upgrade the surroundings of work or residence.

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Our company’s profile

All these years, our company keeps on investing in the creation and innovation of commercial architecture and decoration of pharmacies in order to create stores, which will fit the needs of the consumer. The specialized design department, designs for you the equipment of the pharmacy- taking into concideration the functionality and aesthetics to be exuded. Our proposals aim the ergonomic and increased efficiency of the pharmacy in combination with the excellent result. Nowadays, pharmacies sell not only medicines but also act as retailers . Particular attention is required in communicating and creating corporate identity both as individual pharmacies and pharmacy networks. Therefore, the equipment and the construction must serve this purpose.

The equipment may be a part of a renovation or acquired independently. Creativity and innovation, stringency and professionalism are prerequisites for the design, construction and installation of the equipment of interiors. Having cooperation with reputable companies and being able to design and produce special constructions , we give the solution that is suited to your own space .The equipment of pharmacy can be designed from the outset , or selected through the plurality of our pre-designed furniture . Each category of equipment – drawers , gondolas , counters and customer service benches , built-in and window showcases, sittings, laboratory equipment , refrigerators , crosses, headers , robotic systems – should qualify certain conditions to produce ergonomics and aesthetics in the store.

Pharmacy renovation

The pharmacy is your personal space and only based on your taste and your needs can be designed to remain indelible in the client’s memory. We construct the pharmacy from the start , in any style , always taking into account the location , consumer habits and the economic base of residents, the existence and types of adjacent shops.
Initially, the experienced workforce of our company measures and photographs the area, so that designers have a complete picture of the space. After extensive discussions with the pharmacist, all needs and requirements are made understood and adjustable in order to help him crystallize his vision of a modern workplace. The presentation is done with a number of photorealistic images – designs and samples of materials and applications to facilitate understanding of the end result. Ανακαίνιση / κατασκευή φαρμακείου – InnovoPharmacy

The implementation of the architecture design is made by constructing the pharmacy. By planning and following a certain schedule the work goes smoothly. The experienced teams in collaboration with the design and supervision department solve any issues arise immediately and effectively. Particular emphasis and attention is given to the lighting and decoration as it will play a key factor in the emergence of the pharmacy. The appropriate decoration can transform a store and convey a positive mood on markets to the visitor . It is proven that good decor creates an atmosphere of wellness and boosts sales.
As far as the premises and equipment for stores is concerned, a lot of solutions for furnishing any kind of space are offered. Complete solutions for professional equipment that your business requires are offered , knowing well the modern needs a professional has. Our goal is the continuous care of our customers , so that the company or store becomes more functional and integrated , with the aim of increasing sales.
During the design phase special attention is paid to shaping the identity of the business, just as desired by the owner . Factors such as the physical location of the store , his equipment , his goods and the desired atmosphere that prevails in the area must taken into account .

With a wide range of equipment systems, we create stores that gain the impressions for the appearance , aesthetics , their ergonomics and quality. Special systems harmoniously combine shapes , colors and materials always achieve a modern and functional result . Depending on the type of store or workplace, we offer the right equipment for each species. The choice of the store equipment may be part of a renovation or acquired independently.
In our catalogs you can find a wide range of projects done or you can call us in order to design unique pieces just for you according to your needs . Whatever you choose, the equipment is necessary to comply with the identification and organization of your space . The selection of several storage furniture, will help your store be always clean and organized.

The optimal use of space and attention to detail will make your store stand out from similar competing stores. The design and construction of the store under the supervision of a senior and experienced staff promises the implement of all the above. Designers predict your future needs, so any upgrade or renovation you might need , can be done easily and quickly at the lowest possible cost.The existence of infrastructure for the installation of additional equipment in the future can play a decisive role in the evolution of the pharmacy . When designing, all interventions are clearly defined and all the necessary materials needed for construction are ordered .
During the construction of the store, the implementation of the architecture design is being made, with interventions to shape the space, the decor , the lighting, the arrangement of furniture and windows . In collaboration with the entrepreneur , a timetable is set . Then technicians are informed and start working .Renovations and shop constructions last from a few days up to one month at most, depending on the amount and type of assistance. Our company delivers you your store fully constructed and clean, with turnkey . Nevertheless, the technical support is provided over time, solving any problem occurs .

As known, the balance between success and failure is thin. The success of the equipment and construction of a store is linked to the return on investment. Each person dreams to create the ideal shop with friendly environment to attract maximum number of customers. The purpose of Innovo Constructions company is to create an integrated commercial proposal and unified corporate image with the help of the knowledge , the imagination , the inventiveness and the commitment of our staff in relation to the requirements and needs of the owner. Our company operates with great success in the design, layout and construction of pharmacies and shops following all rules of ergonomics , functionality and aesthetics , providing integrated proposals and solutions for a perfect final result .